The largely Elfin federation of Lare’aia stands north of its sister nation, Sothet’al, and southeast of Pictland. It is home to over 1,000 Elf tribes which form twenty independent but united states. Named after the chief Elfin god Corellon Larethian (Lare’aia meaning “Land of Larethian”), it is a land that has withstood the test of time for nearly three thousand years. Lare’aia has survived numerous wars and monstrous attacks. Though perceived as isolationist, the proud people of Lare’aia have proven time and again that their homeland is one that will likely remain another three millenia.

Lare’aia originally began as a union of three Elfin states that occupied the Northern Farraige Peninsula. Over time, states on the coast joined with them, followed by several more that occupied the inland. What drove them together was the looming threat of the then-mighty Togyobyth, the Goblinoid kingdom which once sprawled over modern day Toues and Sothet’al. Once the empire was brought down, many of the states retained their union with Lare’aia while others (which were predominantly human) left. Those which left eventually became part of modern day Pictland (many by force), an empire which has clashed twice with Lare’aia and twice failed to conquer it.

The government system in Lare’aia is that of a typical federation. While its twenty states have their own laws independent of each other, there is a code of several federal laws which all must adhere to. Their chief leader, the chancellor, oversees the federal government. Each state has their own high chief, and each settlement within the states are run by a chief. Elfin chiefs and chancellors rule for life, until they give their resignation, or until they’re impeached.

Lare’aia has a loose alliance with Gokano (mostly to dissuade Pictland from another war) and a strong alliance with Sothet’al. Though they are separated by many miles of ocean, Lare’aia sends support to Nodel’aia as the island kingdom continues its never-ending war against Mortusath. Every few months, about one hundred soldiers from Lare’aia sail to Nodel’aia. They stay for five years and then return home. Many return home having experienced several battles in Nodel’aia, as the fighting against Mortusath rarely lessens in intensity.


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