The Fire and Flame

Trapped in a realm beyond the reach of mortals, the enemy of all creation lays dormant. He is known by many names: the Worldbreaker, the Great Destroyer, the Unmaker, and Enemy of the Gods. His true name is Rovagug. Known by many as the God of Wrath and the Lord of Destruction, he is one of the most powerful and feared beings in the multiverse. It is only due to the strength of the goddess Sarenrae that Rovagug hasn’t annihilated the Material Plane. A battle between the two ended in the Worldbreaker’s imprisonment in a place known only by Sarenrae. However, he has never been slain. Despite his entrapment, his small yet powerful cult spreads misery in their wake. In his rumblings, he causes the world to shake, the ground to split, and volcanoes to erupt.

Born a Child of the Underworld

Rovagug’s lasting influence on the world are his spawn. Those born from the Pit of Gormuz, said to be the site where Rovagug was flung into his prison called the Dead Vault, are some of the most powerful and horrifying creatures to walk the earth. The most terrible of these is the Tarrasque, though its brothers and sisters are also among the most terrible beings. How these monster come into being is unknown. Some believe that sacrifices made the Cult of Rovagug eventually lead to the births of these beasts. Mercifully, very few exist. No Spawn of Rovagug has been born less than several centuries apart from another. However, it has almost been a millenia since the birth of the last Spawn.

Now Evil Can Prevail

There are whispers amongst the most politically powerful that the Cult of Rovagug has become more bold. Though they are a loosely collected group, it would seem that their acts have become more synchronized and purposeful. One man is said to be a common factor in the Cult’s more recent activities. His name is unknown. It’s only known that he is a pale Elf with hair the color of coal. Some fear that he is attempting to unify the scattered sects and work towards the ultimate goal of freeing the Unmaker. So great are their fears that some have sent assassins, adventurers, and mages to defeat this unknown Elf. None have returned.

So Light the Thirteen Candles

There is a legend that Pharasma and Urgathoa, two deities bound to the domain of death, once fought over the soul of a cleric who, at the time, was the most powerful priest in the Material Plane. Their duel involved a mental game that involved thirteen candles. The candles’ exact purpose in this is unknown, as the legend of this battle is rather vague and known only in fragments. However, it is believed to be a true legend. Some even believe that the thirteen candles can be found on the Material Plane, having been discarded after the dispute was settled. What power these could hold is unknown, but many believe they could hold a tremendous amount of power.

Hear the Mandrake Scream

Moonchild is a campaign slightly less focused on combat and more on exploration, mystery solving, and the like. It’s largely inspired by the songs “Moonchild” by Iron Maiden and “13 Candles” by Bathory. It is a relatively light campaign in terms of difficulty. Characters can be found here. Information on various subjects can be found here. Adventure recaps can be found here.


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